Monday, 12 August 2019

+27731582436 Dangerous goods,Rigging,L.H.D SCOOP Training school +27731582436 Email us: Best School offering training Operators & mining machines awarding Certificates in South Africa Mobile crane ,Tower crane Dump truck, T.l.b, …

OUR COURSES INCLUDE:+27731582436 for booking & Registration 
✪T.L.B 10 days 
✪Forklift 5 days training 
✪ Reach Truck 5 days training 
✪Bulldozer 10 days training 
✪Dump Truck 10 days Training 
✪Excavator 10 days training 
✪Front End loader 10 days training
 ✪L.H.D scoop 2 weeks training 
✪Grader 10 days training 
✪Mobile crane 10 days training 
✪Over head crane 10 days training 
✪Dangerous Goods 4 Weeks 
✪ Drill Rig 2 weeks 
✪Tower crane 10 days training 
✪ Bob cat 5 days 
✪ Code 14 one month 
✪ Reach Stacker (Container handler) one month 

WELDING: call us on +27731582436  for booking 
✪Arc welding 4 weeks 
✪Co2 welding 4 weeks 
✪Argon welding 3 weeks 
✪Gas welding 2 weeks 
✪Steel welding 2 weeks 
✪Aluminum welding 4 weeks 
✪Trade test 4 weeks 
✪Gas cutting 2 weeks 
✪Boiler making 5 weeks 
✪MIG 4 Weeks 
✪TIG 4 Weeks 
✪SPOT 4 Weeks 
✪Fillet 4 Weeks OTHER: 
✪PLUMBING 3-4 weeks 
✪Electrical 4 weeks 
✪ CCTV 6 Days 

FREE FOLK LIFT TRAINING WHEN YOU REGISTER TO TRAIN IN ONE OF THE COURSES: GRADER,BULLDOZER ,EXCAVATOR,LHD SCOOP,DRILL RIG,MOBILE CRANE, CRAWLER CRANE, DUMP TRUCK AND TOWER CRANE. call now and book for your space hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE TRAIN ALL MINING HEAVY MACHINES, call /whatsaap 0731582436 .. NB; we are licensed to train all the following, We are committed to upholding the National Code of Practice for the Evaluation of Training Providers for Lifting Machine Operators, under the driven machinery regulations in the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85/1993, of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). We do provide safety courses on Lifting, Construction and Welding Training on the following. CONSTRUCTION & LIFTING MACHINES Contact No; +27731582436 for Registration & Booking.

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