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Dump Truck Operator Certificate Course Description


A course designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively operate a Dump Truck in a Civil and Mining setting. The course is designed specifically for those wishing to enter the Mining or Civil industry for the first time. Call us /Whatsapp +27731582436

Dump Truck Operators are responsible for transporting materials such as dirt, rocks, sand, gravel, garbage and other materials from one site to another. call us +27731582436 for booking 

What are the Responsibilities and Duties of a Dump Truck Driver?

Whether working in construction or any other field, dump truck drivers will be required to fulfill a number of responsibilities while on the job. These include but are not limited to:
  • Follows I.C. regulations regarding driver logs
  • Safely drives truck and materials to various destinations
  • Understands how to use cranks and levers inside of the truck to dump contents of bed and tilt body
  • Must have and maintain a clean driving record
  • Understand and uses the truck’s hard mount computer system with great accuracy
  • Must operate and set brakes
  • Flexibility with hours; drivers may be required to go out of town throughout the week
  • Driver must grease their dump truck every 5,000 miles
  • Driver must maintain a clean and safe work truck with regular maintenance
  • Driver must inspect to make sure materials are loaded correctly
  • Drivers must review and verify shipping document information to ensure accuracy
  • Before and after trips driver must inspect truck and equipment, including: gas, oil, tires, lights, and water levels
  • Department of Transportation compliance must be maintained at all times
Job duties and responsibilities will vary based on place of employment, although all dump truck drivers should expect those listed above to be required with any employer. Additional responsibilities may be added depending on the requirements of the company.

What are the Competency Requirements for a Dump Truck Driver?

Although there are no supervisory responsibilities for this career choice, there are competency requirements that must be met. These include but are not limited to:

Ability to Problem Solve – Dump truck driver must be able to identify problems and resolve them using reason no matter what type of situation.

Work in a Team – Driver must have the ability to work well with a team by giving feedback, providing feedback, and building positive morale with others. Must be able to resolve problems with a group as well.

Knowledge of Industry Materials – Driver must be able to correctly identify materials being hauled to ensure accuracy for deliveries.

Clear Writing – When filling out reports, driver must write clearly with detailed information, proper spelling, and proper grammar. They must also be able to interpret information being read so they can properly respond.

Strong Communication Skills – Can speak clearly no matter what type of situation; is able to listen to others; responds to questions; can present in a group; will actively participate in meetings.

Interpersonal Skills – Driver should be able to listen to others without interruption, control emotions, have a willingness to listen to others, and a focus on resolving conflict peacefully.

Awareness of Budget – Driver should maintain awareness of costs to help contribute to profits and reduce loss.

Efficiency – Driver should complete work efficiently while working on increased productivity. They should also work in a safe manner and encourage others to be safe as well.

Ethical Awareness – Driver must treat co-workers and clients with respect, maintain commitments, show up to appointments on time, show integrity, and uphold values of employer.

Time Awareness – Driver must be able to plan and organize in addition to using their time efficiently.

Dependable – Driver should listen to management, follow instructions, take responsibility for their own actions, work hard to reach goals, maintain work commitments, and work as a team to create alternative plans.

Safety Awareness – When working, driver must be aware and execute all safety and security procedures. Driver should also be able to report unsafe conditions, use equipment properly, handle materials safely, and maintain awareness of DOT safety regulations.

Professionalism – Driver must work well under pressure, treat others with respect (no matter position), handle situations in a tactful manner, and follow through on duties and commitments.

Adapt to Changes – Driver must be able to adapt to changes at work, including those that are unexpected or frequent. Driver should also be able to determine best plan for changes so work can still be carried out efficiently.

Punctuality – Driver must show up to work on time and work consistently throughout the day.

Self Motivation – Driver should be self-motivated to succeed and overcome any obstacles thrown in their way.

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